Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Guess who's officially a DC resident...

And officially Mrs. Briones? Me! Lol, I know what you may be thinking. "Joanne, you got married almost a year ago, why are you changing your name just now?" First off, in order to kill two birds with one stone I needed to wait until we moved into DC so I wouldn't have change my license twice. Good thinking, right? And is it possible to be so busy yet so lazy at the same time? Well, that would describe me to a T. With my new job, a new move and everything else in between I wasn't looking forward to taking time off of work to spend it at the Social Security Office or the DC DMV. However, in hindsight it wasn't as bad as I thought.

First, I went to to the Social Security office in DC on M St right in the Golden Triangle. There was no wait so I just scooted on in and showed them my marriage license and identification. They then gave me a piece of paper stating that my new social security card would be mailed to me.

Next, I headed to the DMV office in Georgetown. From what I hear it isn't as bad as other DMV locations in the city but shortly after I arrived it got packed. When my number was called I showed the person behind the desk my proof of residence,  the sheet that the Social Security office had given me and my old license.

Here is a picture of my old driver's license with my waiting number. I can't believe I've had this license since 2007! I really liked my picture on this license too!

With my new DC license it looks like I have a big head, but Justin's license looks just like it. I think they just take the pictures real up close.

Now I can say I'm officially a DC resident, not like those posers that live in the 'burbs that say they're from DC...hehehe...I kid, I kid. I used to do that too. Anyway, the whole thing only took half a day and I made it fun by treating myself to a falafel for lunch. I don't think I could offer any new advice to anyone changing their name in the city. The old advice rings true: make sure you have all your paperwork, go earlier in the day, and go to the least busy office if at all possible.

PS...On my old MD license it says I'm 125 lbs. and on my new DC license four years later I weigh, what else? 125 lbs. Coincidence...maybe. Blatant lying/optimism that my weight will be that low again someday? Highly likely.

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