Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Fall Leaf Collection

Although I love the fact that our street is lined with beautiful maple trees, the arrival of Fall brings the laborious and continuous raking of autumn leaves.  To assist with the huge accumulation of leaves, the District schedules periodic leaf pick-up dates.

Below is our front yard covered in leaves:

Our yard isn't that big, but boy does it pile up with the leaves!  Here is some leaf-raking progress...


Afterwards we usually put the leaves in recyclable bags and put them in our tree box.  Piling the leaves in the treebox will suffice for pick up, but we're always worried that since we do not have a fence, the leaves may blow back into our yard :/ Better safe than sorry.

Here comes the city trucks to pick up the leaves...

And now our sidewalks are leaf-free until the next leaf pick up date.

How does your neighborhood collect leaves?  Do you put them in the large paper bags, too?  Or maybe you use a lawnmower or leaf blower to keep your leaves in check?

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  1. Growing up in NH we never had any town pick up of leaves. Every fall I use to help my Dad with the leaf collection by raking up all the leaves that were in the mulch or in areas he couldn't reach with leaf vacuum. I always would try to convince him to leave the piles so that we could play in them. Usually he let me and my brother romp around a bit before sucking them all up!