Friday, April 20, 2012

Weekend Review - April Edition

Weekend Review - April Edition (aka: the month of basketball, brunch, birthdays and baseball!)

Since my individual reviews of each weekend haven't been making the blog (insert tired excuse here), I decided to wrap all the weekends in April into one giant picture-filled post. Yes, I know that April isn't over yet, but don't stop me while I am on a roll here :)

In case you've been living under a rock, you should already know that my husband's beloved 'Cats won the NCAA National Basketball Championship. During the Elite Eight and Final Four we opted to watch the games at the closest true University of Kentucky bar in the DC area, Grevey's.

Here I am posing with the UK folding chair I won during the raffle. Too bad we would later find out it was defective :( But who knows? Maybe we'll try to fix it?

Here is a shot of the owner, Kevin Grevey. He is a former UK and Washington Bullets basketball player. He's KY in DC to a "T"!

Amidst all the game watching, we managed to grab merienda (aka: afternoon snack) at Pound. They are known for their coffee (the nutella latte seen below was to die for!) but they just introduced a dinner menu. Justin and I will be having dinner there soon enough. I bought a Bloomspot coupon for a dinner and wine pairing so we could check it out!

On Easter Sunday we took part in at the famous, Georgia Browns brunch--complete with buffet, dessert bar (with a chocolate fountain!), and take home meal. Here's Justin about to dig in (sorry for the sucky lighting).

And me ready with fork in hand!

By the way, we found out that our House Hunters episode had aired the night before so while we were waiting to be seated we got recognized. :)

Justin and I also managed to catch a Nationals game while they are on their best start yet!

We have been wanting to catch the Nats play the Reds (the team Justin followed during his college years in Cincinnati) for quite sometime so we got the opportunity to see them last Friday. 

The game went into extra innings and despite all the heat we've been experiencing, the night got to be really chilly--as evidenced by our hoodies. Luckily, we were able to pull off a win! :)

Lastly, we attended my uncle's 65th Birthday Party and it was truly an event not to be missed! Justin and I didn't really know what to expect, but we were pleasantly surprised with each event as the night progressed.

The night started off with Mass (right in the hotel, how cool is that?) in honor of the birthday celebrant. Justin and I were didn't know that there was going to be a Mass, but it was a neat surprise because it was a wonderful and meaningful service. We were also glad because "it counted." You Catholics know what I mean. :)

Next, the evening continued with food and lots of fun entertainment!

First, there was the guitarist and the flamenco dancer....

Then, various people sang some tunes. Here's a picture of my cousin and the birthday boy himself singing the BeeGee's "How Deep is Your Love."

They even got a Julliard-trained violist to perform!

It was a fun night from beginning to end!

As evidenced by my April recap, we haven't been working on too much house stuff as of late. In April, we let our social calendars take over, but hopefully by next month we'll be getting some work around the house done! Stay tuned!

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Space Shuttle Discovery Fly Over

Today at work my morning routine was disrupted by a fire drill. It ended up being a real fire (albeit a small one). Yikes!. We were outside of my office building for over an hour waiting for the fire department to stop the fire and then for the smoke to subside.  Luckily while we were outside I (along with a few hundred of my building mates) got to see the space shuttle Discovery fly over! :D

I didn't plan on seeing it and assumed that I would miss it since it was making its low flying rounds in Washington, DC. However, since McLean is right in the pathway to Dulles Airport (it's final destination before being housed in the Air and Space Museum), it was a fortuitous surprise!

Here is a video from one of my co-workers...aren't the cheers great? Can you see the fighter jet (I think that's what it was?) flying alongside of it?

Did you get to see the space shuttle today? If so, did you plan to see it or were you surprised like I was?

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Summer To Do List

A summer scene - The rolling hills of Linganore Winecellars, Mt. Airy, MD
Even though it's only April, I'm already daydreaming about summer. Maybe it's because I'm a navy brat and have mostly lived in warmer locales (e.g.: California, Hawaii, Guam, etc.), but I can't wait to spend my summer on the Hill! Last year, we spent most of our summer doing house stuff so this summer I'm looking forward to relaxing and exploring (but still managing to do house stuff in between :) Here's a list of some of the things that I want to do that are nearby or in our neighborhood.
1) Jazz in the Garden - As the title states, it involves enjoying jazz at the Smithsonian Sculpture Garden in a picnic-like setting. This mainstay of the Washington, DC summer happy hour is something that I've never been able to take part of since I work all the way out in Virginia. This year, however, I am determined to get my jazz on!

2) Evening Parade at the Marine Corp. Barracks - Growing up in a military household, I have nothing but the utmost respect for the men and women who serve our country. I am lucky enough to live less than a mile away from the the Marine Barracks which serves the ceremonial and security missions of the Washington, DC area. Every Friday, they have a parade that highlights the Marine Corps' precision marching and starts off with a concert by the USMC band . And of course, if could catch a glimpse of Chesty (the Marines' bulldog mascot) that would be a major plus!

3) Margarita Patio Bar Crawl - On St. Patrick's Day my friends Joos and Meter, avoided the craziness of the Irish pubs and opted to visit the various Latin restaurants on the Hill to partake in margaritas on the patio. What a genius idea! Outdoor seating + margaritas! Does it get any better than that? There are plenty of places near my house to have margarita outdoors like here and here. Although we won't be around for Cinco de Mayo, hopefully a Margarita Patio Bar Crawl can be planned for the later summer months!

 4) Capitol Skyline Hotel Pool Party - Yet another summertime DC staple that I have yet to participate in. On the weekends, the pool turns into a club/party type setting with DJs, food trucks, cocktails and lots of people. I've been to pool parties in Vegas, so I wonder how this compares?

5) Truckeroo - The is a monthly meet-up of the DC area food trucks near Nationals Ballpark. Again, since I work out in the suburbs I typically don't get to partake in the food truck fun that my friends that work in DC do, but this would be the perfect opportunity to get in my food truck fix! If it's anything like, Off the Grid in San Francisco, I'm in for a treat!

Is there anything else I should add to my list? Let me know if you'd like to do any of these activities with me. I'd really love the company!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Birthday Louie!

Today is Louie's first birthday!

Can you believe that one year ago this little dude was born (along with his three brothers and two sisters) in Crystal City, VA?

They grow up so fast!

Here a glimpse of what he's been doing on his special day...

Have a good weekend and a Happy Easter!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Justin! The big 3-0!

Last month Justin celebrated his 30th Birthday. When planning what we should do for his birthday, many ideas ran through our minds. It seemed like we had pretty much done everything in DC from dinners to H St. Bar Crawls. We wanted to do something different so I came up with the idea of a party bus to Baltimore! I haven't been up to Baltimore since my promo model days doing liquor promotions and it was definitely nice to have a change of scenery! So on the weekend after Justin's birthday, we boarded the Dirty Thirty Bus to Baltimore (Fells Point to be exact) along with 19 of our friends. 

Here are some pics captured that evening. Of course these are the ones taken earlier in the night, that I can actually share! As the night progressed things got a little crazy...and that's all I'll say about that :)

Me and the ladies starting off the night at Max's Taphouse:

Saunders, Ricky & the Birthday Boy himself

The old roomies (minus me!)

My friend Brandi and her husband came up for the event, too! She's my birthday twin!! Here we are with my sister, Jill.

 Watching the UK game (of course!) at the Fells Point Green Turtle:

 Why so serious? ;)

Raiding the Jukebox at Bad Decisions before some bad decisions were made and we had to bolt...

How have you enjoyed your birthday milestones? Have you turned thirty yet and if so, did you do it with a bang?