Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Space Shuttle Discovery Fly Over

Today at work my morning routine was disrupted by a fire drill. It ended up being a real fire (albeit a small one). Yikes!. We were outside of my office building for over an hour waiting for the fire department to stop the fire and then for the smoke to subside.  Luckily while we were outside I (along with a few hundred of my building mates) got to see the space shuttle Discovery fly over! :D

I didn't plan on seeing it and assumed that I would miss it since it was making its low flying rounds in Washington, DC. However, since McLean is right in the pathway to Dulles Airport (it's final destination before being housed in the Air and Space Museum), it was a fortuitous surprise!

Here is a video from one of my co-workers...aren't the cheers great? Can you see the fighter jet (I think that's what it was?) flying alongside of it?

Did you get to see the space shuttle today? If so, did you plan to see it or were you surprised like I was?

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