Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Yard Sale Finds

On Friday, I got to leave early because my work gave us early release. Upon driving home, I stumbled across a yard sale that had some pretty interesting finds.

Here's a plug-in bar sign and painting. These were the ones that I didn't pick!

I found this retro fan on this table. This seems to be a pretty trendy design element that I've been seeing on design blogs (such as on Young House Love). Too bad I don't need a fan or else I would've totally taken it

These end tables were pretty cool too. With a can of spray paint I'm sure you could make these good as new in a bright white or punchy magenta. Unfortunately, I don't think I could commit to remaking them or else I so would have taken the one with the drop leaves.

Below is what I ended up getting: a bridge painting, mounted steer horns, a Miller High Life lighted bar sign (in cursive it says, "The Champage of Bottle Beer"), and a small, blue dish. The High Life sign is pretty ironic since I hate High Life (Justin loves it), but I couldn't pass it up. Both the light and the clock mechanism were in working condition! I think I made out like a bandit paying $15 for all four items. On eBay, vintage plug-in bar signs can go for hundreds of dollars. Now, all I have to do is find a way to incorporate all of this in the decor of our house (without making it look like a pool hall!).

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