Thursday, August 15, 2013

2013 Redskins Training Camp

Hello Everybody! I know it has been a minute since you last heard from me. I've been jetting back and forth between here and California, and I have finally gotten a chance to chill for a moment. I promise I'll update you on my California adventures soon enough, but first let me tell you about my experience at the new Redskins Training Camp at Bon Secours, Richmond VA . I was able to score two VIP passes to training camp courtesy of WOW Redskins, so I took my sister along for the ride down I-95! It has been forever since I had been to training camp.  Because this is the first year that it will be in Richmond, I thought it would be the perfect time to go!

All smiles!

Look there's Brian Orakpo! He was looking good during training camp! Still taking it a little easy though!

Fun gif time of the training camp action! Can you believe there were thousands of people that showed up to training camp each day? It was such a fun atmosphere, almost like a festival with food vendors and all.

Yup. I love gifs and here's one of RGIII and the rest of the quarterbacks taking some snaps.

Special teams practicing with a soccer ball! 

The highlight of my training camp experience was at the end when we got a chance to meet the players up close, and get some autographs. Being in the VIP section, we were corralled off and couldn't leave until all the players went inside the building. This meant that we had to stay at least an hour after training camp was over; however, it was well worth the chance to get some autographs and see some players. Unfortunately, I didn't buy any merchandise for the players to sign because I honestly didn't think I was going to get any autographs...but luckily I was wrong. :)

Here's Logan Paulsen (TE) and right next to that pic is the shot of his autograph! Right next to Paulsen's autograph is Pat White's (QB)!


Here are Josh LeRibeus' (G) and Josh Morgan's (WR) autographs.

Here are Reed Doughty's (S) and Kai Forbath's (K) autographs. Thank God we stopped by the WOW booth beforehand and got these stickers.  Without them, I wouldn't have anything for the players to sign!  

I really was running out of things for the players to sign, so I resorted to getting my credentials signed. Here is Kory Lichtensteiger's signature. Showing the linemen some love as the hubby likes to say.

On the other side of my credentials, I got Chris Chester's autograph. #morelinemenlove

After my badge was all filled up, I resorted to using Jill's badge to get some autographs. Here is rookie WR Skye Dawson's autograph.

And one year vet, Chase Minnifield's (DB), autograph.

But the showpiece of them all can be seen below.

With the help of my sister's scouting, I was I able to score both RGIII and Alfred Morris' autograph! Whee! Despite being mobbed, they were both very kind in staying and signing autographs.

To cap off our long, but fun day, Jill and I walked over to nearby Buz and Ned's Real Barbeque of Bobby Flay Throwdown fame

All in all I would say the day was a complete success! Despite the somewhat long drive (especially because we hit traffic), I got to see the Skins' new training camp facilities, and I was able to get 12 autographs! #shouldveboughtafootball But who knows? If I did buy a football, I probably wouldn't have gotten as many autographs or any at all! Isn't that how it always is? :P I am super pumped for the upcoming season! #HTTR!

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