Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky of Full House

The following blog post is brought to you by my love, Justin...yay! It's his first blog post ever and hopefully it won't be the last. Enjoy!

We close on our house a week from this past Monday.  Are we excited?  Hell yeah we are, but we still have a few more hurdles to cross over before we can sit on our couch and watch the UK game in our new home.  Am I talking about the planned renovation to our kitchen?  Nope.  How about all the repainting that we need to do to the rooms?  Nope.  I’m talking about living with the in-laws for the next two months…in the suburbs.  As I had just mentioned, Joanne and I will be living with her parents, her sisters, her aunt, her cousins, and their tiny annoying dog for the next two months.  Due to the fact that we are getting our kitchen totally remodeled, we decided it would be in our best interest to not live in the house while the contractor does his thing.  Considering the rent in DC is extremely high, and our mortgage isn’t exactly “chump change”, we opted for free living out in Gaithersburg (hereinafter referred to as “the ‘burbs’”).  This scenario reminds me of Full House.  Joanne’s sisters are DJ and Stephanie…and JJ (the dog) is Michelle.  The laundry list makes the house sound pretty crowded; however, there’s a little more space to work with than our current living situation.

The “original” cast before John Stamos auditioned.

Prior to us getting married, the two of us lived separately from each other.  I lived in my bachelor pad in Rosslyn (Arlington, VA for those not from the DC area), and Joanne lived in the ‘burbs with her parents.  I lived in this apartment for almost two years.  It was the perfect location; close to DC and all the nightlife, yet not necessarily in DC.  When we got married, we had planned on having a house in place when we returned from our honeymoon.  As you may have guessed from the previous blog entries, this little plan didn’t quite work out as planned.  Upon our return from Aruba, Joanne moved in with me…and Mike…and Mike.  Yes, I lived with two guys named Mike, but we became one happy family.  Over the past four months, Joanne and I learned to cope with the lack of space we had, living in my three bedroom apartment.  Further, having to live with her family our in the “burbs” should be nothing but a walk in the park for the two of us. 

Actual photo of Mike and Mike…our roommates.

I will dearly miss living in Rosslyn for the next two months.  My commute to work will grow from a 10 minute drive to an hour drive in the mornings.  My life will be terrorized by a papillion-poodle that thinks he’s the best thing since sliced bread.  Either way, life goes on, and Joanne and I are one step closer to living in our dream home on Capitol Hill.  The best way to go about this is to look at the positives: 1) we finally have our house;   2) we get to spend the next two months close to our loved ones; 3) lastly, I won’t have to cook every meal.  Now, Joanne and I must prepare to become the Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky of this “Full House” for the next few months…and we’re excited…somewhat.

From our "Full House" to yours, Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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  1. great job ur first time out Justin!!! and goodluck guys