Thursday, December 2, 2010

Country Roads Take Me Home

Sorry, I’ve been slacking a bit this week as far as blog entries.  We’ve been very busy this week (as some of you may know) and I’ll surely be blogging about it later this week.

This past weekend was our first attempt at driving to Kentucky together.  Being a holiday weekend, airfare for Thanksgiving was through the roof and we thought we’d save some cash by driving.

The trip down was pretty easy, taking us from interstate to interstate.  We even took a couple of toll roads (which we didn’t mind), and we made it to Louisville in a little under the anticipated nine hours.  Despite our late departure (because of me) and the smidgen of traffic we hit as we left D.C, the drive there wasn’t all that bad, even though Justin did do all of the driving.  The drive back was a different story.

Driving back to DC wasn’t nearly as efficient.  Like sheep, we “blindly” followed our GPS, which unfortunately lead us over the river and through the woods…literally.  As soon as we entered West Virginia we thought we were in the clear when the GPS told us to exit the highway and take the local road.  The local road then led to back roads, and then twisty-turny steep roads with signs like this:

Steep grade on a 9 hour drive = no fun (Photo Courtesy of johnsantic)

 and this:

This is one I’ve never seen before (Photo Courtesy of Pbase)

Although this shortcut may have been more beneficial to take during the day, Justin was none to happy to be taking this impromptu driving skills course (he officially hates the state of West Virginia for other reasons besides the UK-WVU game last March).  Oh well (easy for me to say since I didn’t drive, LOL!).   The lesson to take away from our mishap: make sure to at least preview your route before you take off on a road trip.  The shortest route isn’t always the fastest.

Despite our little adventure, our trip to Louisville was great as usual.  It was nice seeing family and friends, most of which we haven’t seen since our wedding in July.  We did a lot of eating (of course) and a lot of much needed relaxing.  Although we wish we had a little more vacation time, now we’re back to the usual DC grind…At least we finally closed on the house! J 

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