Thursday, December 16, 2010

Sundance Bound!

Girls’ weekends are a time to bond with your girls and to take a break from ordinary day-to-day activities.  I’ve never been on a girls’ weekend before (unless you count bachelorette parties).  So, when my friend, N*, asked me if I wanted to go on a girls’ weekend this winter, I thought, “Why not?” After all, three of Justin’s friends are getting married next year and you know what that means. He’ll be going to three bachelor parties in 2011.  While he’s off “gala-banting” (said with best Filipino accent) I could squeeze in a trip with my girls’ right?

In my mind, I was thinking she would want to do something a little closer to home. Perhaps we could go on a trip to Atlantic City (unless you gamble, probably not a whole lot of fun in the dead of winter) or an antiquing trip to Charlottesville or St. Michaels (uuhhhmm, maybe not so much). But then she said something that totally took me by surprise,

N: “How about Sundance?”

Me:  “As in the film festival?”

N: “Yes.”

I started thinking about what I actually I knew about it.  I knew it was a film festival in Utah where all the big movies get screened, before they hit the general public.  A lot of celebrities go to it…basically it's an event full of swag tents and schmoozing. Hmmm…why not?  I’ve never been one to turn down an adventure and this looks like it could be my latest adventure (for the grown and sexy sort). Hahaha…I laugh because in my younger days, I was always on the hunt for the next party.   Mardi Gras in New Orleans, Cancun College Spring Break, Winter Music Conference (twice), Kentucky Derby (several times), and the ultimate in partying locales, Ibiza—I’ve done them all.  This trip sparked something that I had always loved to do, but thought maybe I had to give it  up after I had gotten older or married.  I’m still on the hunt for a new adventure, but hopefully with less recklessness and hangovers, LOL…and it looks like this trip to Sundance is it.

A few days later, we booked our flights/lodging/passes.  It’s exciting to know that I have a chance to view the next summer blockbuster or Oscar-winning movie, before the general public gets a shot at it.

With all that has been going on, I’m excited that I have another fabulous thing to look forward to!

*Names have been withheld since, “Heck, I don’t know if they want to be in my blog or not! LOL…”

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