Sunday, June 26, 2011

Say Hello to My Little Friend...

Guess what everybody...we got a dog. Further perpetuating the stereotype that all Hill couples either have a dog or a baby, we chose the former. Justin and I had been deliberating for a while on what type of dog to get. Justin had originally wanted an English bulldog and I wanted a playful, medium sized dog so a French bulldog seemed like the perfect compromise.

The next question was where were we going to get this little guy? We were able to find a breeder in Crystal City that was expecting a litter in April that would be ready to go home at the end of May. That was perfect because it would give us more time to get our home "puppy ready." The cool thing about that breeder was there was only one mommy and they only breed her once a year so I knew that it would a more personal experience rather than if were dealing with a bigger breeder many miles away.

In early May the breeder let us know that the puppies were ready for visits so we were super excited that we would be meeting our future dog. Isabelle the mommy had a litter of six puppies with various types of coats from a fawn colored boy with black mask (similar to a pug), a couple of brindles, a couple of cream colored boys and a female with a reddish coat. 

Aren't they adorable?

Photo property of Millander Bullies
Justin and I already had a heart set on getting a boy so after playing with each of the boys we decided on this guy.

Is he not cute or what?

Photo property of Millander Bullies

Here he is in our lap with his mom sitting in the front, kind of like she was giving her approval, sweet huh?

We were able to take home Louie (as in Louisville, in true KY in DC fashion) a few weeks later and since we got him our life has definitely changed as life with a puppy takes a little getting used to. The "accidents" and the late night potty breaks wear us out at times but he has added so much joy in our lives already. He's super smart (don't all parents say that about their children/pets?) and already knows how to sit, shake hands, and lay down.

There is still so much he needs to learn (like how to properly walk on a leash) so we're excited for the day when we can take him on a proper walk to Lincoln Park. Until, then he's pretty content just walking up and down our street.

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