Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Weekend Review: Adventures in Dog-Sitting

Hello Everybody, welcome to a another installment of Weekend Review (on Tuesday). Since I'm a day late already, I'll just mention some of the highlights.

On Firday night Justin and I met up with our friend who was in town visiting from Florida. She used to live in the DC area and we miss her a ton.

Here's a group pic at the newest H St. restaurant/bar, TruOrleans.  She's the one with the sexy pixie cut! :)

Last year, she came to my bachelorette party. Can you believe it was her first time in Vegas? I couldn't! We had so much fun that weekend and made so many memories. Too bad I can't say anything about it...hehehe...

Here is half of my Vegas Bachelorette crew. Doing the Las Vegas...Triple X! (Sorry, inside joke!)

On Saturday and Sunday we were pretty low key, but on Sunday afternoon while we were in the kitchen Justin saw a Scottish Terrier wandering our back alley. I initially thought it was a cat because there is usually a large black cat that hangs out in the back alley. Upon closer inspection, I realized it was a dog. What was a dog doing wandering around by himself? I had no clue, but I'm sure his owner was missing him. I let him in our house because he looked a little thirsty and probably hot since he had black fur.

Anyway, we let him inside gave him a little water and looked at his collar. "Fala." I wasn't sure if that was girl name or a boy name (we would later find out that Fala was boy), but I couldn't help but sing "Deck the Halls" (fa-la-la-la-la-la-la-la-la). We left voicemail messages on the phone numbers that were on his tag and let him play with Louie. Or actually Louie was trying to force Fala to play with him, but he wasn't having it. One of the owners called us back and said he was in California.  His sister was dog-sitting Fala and he said he would ask her to pick him up. Shortly after Jusin got off the phone with Fala's owner, W., our neighbor two houses down called and said that his girlfriend was the owner's sister.  She was dog-sitting Fala and he escaped while they were taking out the trash. I was glad to hear that Fala didn't travel too far and that he would be picked up.

Here are Louie and Fala doing their best "sit"...

According to W., Fala is very crafty and tries to escape whenever he gets the chance. Although, we really weren't dog-sitting, it was interesting test to see if we could handle watching two dogs at the same time (we couldn't!).

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