Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Week 19 (and beyond!): The Finished Product

After watching Justin and I on House Hunters many of you have asked about the kitchen.

"Did you finish the renovation?"

Yes, we finished filming in March and the kitchen was finished in late-April.

"Did Justin get the dream kitchen he always wanted?"

I would say, "yes." It offers enough room for the two of us and more. When he's cooking and I'm doing the dishes we don't get in each other's way, which is good. Of course, this is our first home so we do good with the space we have, however, there is always room for more kitchen space in the future.

Now without further ado, our kitchen!

Of course it features the stainless steel appliance suite that I discussed here.

To review a bit...here is the kitchen plan from Ikea:

And some pictures of the progress:

The old dining room leading to the kitchen

 Our pseudo-housewarming party (before the demo)

After the demo...

Building the addition from the ground up....

Framing the new kitchen

Then the drywall...

Then the paint...

Then the floor...

And then..drumroll please! 

Our kitchen now...yay! Yes, I didn't tidy, deal with it :p

Justin making dinner, yum!

Louie wants his close-up...

One of my favorite things about our kitchen is the lighting.  Recessed, in-cabinet, and under-cabinet lighting...the whole she-bang :)

ps...notice the fancy blinds on our big kitchen window. We got those professionally installed. I'll probably be doing a post about all the window treatments in our house sometime in the future (I hope!).

And the piece de resistance! The fridge--which I loved and picked! Love the bottom freezer.  No more frozen meats dropping on my foot. That's never happened to you?

C'est fini! (French for "It's finished!") For now... :)

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