Friday, February 3, 2012

Our TV Debut: Part Deux

Hello Everybody! Are you enjoying the unseasonably warm weather too? I'm not much of a winter person and I'm ready for full-on Spring!

As the title suggests, Justin and I are going to be on television again. We are doing House Hunters...again! No, we are not moving out of our current house (heck I feel like we just moved in!), but the producers approached us in regards to doing a specific episode.

Basically, the way our episode left off was with us and our unfinished kitchen. We were sitting on our stoop eating Thai food remember? You never got to see if Justin got his "dream kitchen" (he did) or if our contractor was able to put the cabinets up by Thursday as promised (he didn't). Last winter, one of the House Hunters producers called us and asked us if we would be interested in doing a special "Where are they Now?" episode in which we would be one of the several families featured..
 Unlike before, it would only take one day of filming as opposed to the five days it took to film our episode and they would be paying us the same amount as before, but for less time. Yipee! (*Note: We're not in it for the money because this definitely doesn't pay any big bucks ;)

I gave them our availability to shoot for the next couple months and the day after I sent them that email they were able to find a crew to shoot us next Saturday, February 11. Dang, they move fast!
 I'm kind of glad we're doing the shoot sooner rather than later, but I feel that we still have a lot of work to do around the house (fixing the french doors, getting more rugs, putting more pictures up, etc.). In that sense it's more realistic since this is our first home together and it's not like we had a lot of furniture and decor items to begin with. Filling a house with the right things and getting through the to-do list takes time, so I guess you guys will get a good view of our transition from newlywed homeowners to married couple making a home.

After all, if you watched the episode and saw our house was done, decorated and finished, why would you read this blog? Lol...

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