Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Super Sports Weekends

Hello Everyone! Did everyone have a good weekend? As for myself, I've been having some pretty good sports watching weekends!

A couple weekends ago my friend invited Justin and I to watch my alma mater, the Maryland Terrapins, play the Virgina Tech Hokies. His company had some extra seats in their suite and he was kind enough to bring us along. The Terps kept a lead throughout most of the game until the last minute or so when VaTech was trying to make a comeback on fouls/missed free throws. Yikes. It was amazing to see the student section get all pumped and it made me wonder if they knew about the "glory days." During the time I went to UMD the Men's Basketball team made several Final Four appearances, and of course won the 2002 NCAA Championship. Ahhh, forgive me for sounding wistful for the "good old days." Anyway, they managed to pull out a win and here's a (blurry) shot of Sean Mosley hitting a three.

In other sports watching news, did you watch the Super Bowl? I did and I was rooting for the Giants just for the day. It's probably because I wanted some validation for the two wins the Redskins had against them in the regular season, but as we all know, it's not about regular season records, it's about what team is on a hot streak at the right time.

Justin and I hosted our first Super Bowl party at our house. Unfortunately, I don't have any good pictures "group" shots but we were able to cram over 20 people in our tiny living room. People were sitting on the floor, chairs, and even stools. We were definitely sardines!

Question: How many people do you see in the picture below?

If you said 8 you'd be absolutely right!

Oh, well, that's closed floor plan for you. We had a pretty good food spread (sorry I don't have pics of that either) and everyone had a good time. If we host another Super Bowl party in the future I'd like to put another TV in the dining room/kitchen just so everyone isn't so packed in the living room.

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