Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How to Grow Grass the Brioni Way: Part II

Hello! Here we go with the second installment of the Broni how not to grow grass saga. If you remember in this post, we had a problem with dead grass and burrowing bees. A bad situation overall! So a year later we gave it another go. Because we failed miserably at seeding, we went to the home improvement store to see what else we could get, in order for our grass to grow. The salesperson suggested Scotts Patchmaster. It was different from plain seed because the seeds were stuck in this material that resembled dryer lint product, which would therefore hold it in place and protect it from the elements and critters.
It's like the equivalent to seeding and then putting hay over keeps the seeds in place. That weekend, along with the many stares from our neighbors (LOL!) Justin put this product all over the dead areas of our lawn.

As it turned out, practically our entire lawn was covered with this dryer lint. LOL...I'm doing a lot of laughing right now, but I'm sure at the time this was a major stress point for poor Justin...

Justin giving me a thumbs up.

And then admiring his work? :)

I know what you all are wondering..."Did the grass grow?" In short - no.  I don't have any pictures of the final results, but the grass grew in really patchy! Maybe it was the type of seed product we used, but I honestly think it's the DC soil. I heard somewhere that the mineral levels of the dirt in the city are really high, which makes it challenging for grass to grow. I  personally was ready to throw in the towel. Maybe that little space of yard wasn't suited for grass. We do have a huge maple tree in front of our house (specifically in our treebox), so maybe all the shade isn't conducive to grass growing. On the other hand, Justin and his suburban upbringing with visions of a perfect lawn wasn't ready to give up yet.
After numerous attempts to re-grow the grass, ranging from EZ-Seed to another Scott's product that resembled dryer lint, we knew that we were running out of options. We would soon realize that each attempt would fail and our frustration (mostly Justin's) grew more by the month instead of the grass. What would we try next?

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