Thursday, May 3, 2012

Welcome to the Family, Derby Briones!

Last weekend, Justin and I got another dog. Another french bulldog to be exact. We came to this decision over several weeks thinking about how much fun we have Louie and how much more fun it would be if he had a playmate. There have been many a time when Justin we have come home after a long days work and all Louie wants to do is play a never ending game of tug-of-war/fetch. We would always be like, "Why can't you play by yourself?" or "Wouldn't it be neat to have another dog for him to play with?" So we went on the internet searching for a rescue frenchie or an older frenchie (so we wouldn't have to deal with potty training) and we came across this little guy. His original name is Cutting Edge's Magic Man (AKA: Nick).
photo courtesy of Japacas
I called the owner and told him that we were interested in Nick and he gave me some background on him. Basically, he comes from a championship bloodline (his dad is an AKC grand champion and his mom is an AKC champion) and they were thinking about showing him, but his brother from the same litter turned out to be better in shows. Since they didn't want them competing against one another, they decided to find a Nick a forever home where he could be a pet.

We took a day to think it over, but we couldn't say no to that face! A few days later, we drove to the North Carolina/Virginia border to pick up the little guy. He's seriously is little! About half the size of Louie, but then again Louie's large size is an anomaly...

We thought long and hard about what to name our new member of the family and we finally decided on Derby. 1) It kept our Kentucky theme (Louie=Louisville, Derby=Kentucky Derby) and 2) He was born on our anniversary, July 3rd, and since our wedding was Kentucky Derby themed it was truly fitting that he be given that name.

When Louie met Derby for the first time, he was a bit unsure, but of course they started to roughhouse like frenchies do right away! Sometimes we have to break it up (because Louie can straight up bully little Derby--pun intended!) but for the most part they kiss and make up as if to say, "No hard feelings!"
What my sister likes to call "frenching"
For me it has been a rough few days with the two of them; breaking up their "fights," learning how to walk two dogs on leash by myself, sleepless nights due to Derby's incredibly loud snoring, but despite all that it has been incredibly fun. Sometimes the two of them can really stress me out and try my patience, but when they get along it's the best! They kind of remind me of kids in that sense. Or at least what I imagine parenthood to be (but a lot harder with humans!). Yes, I know dogs aren't the same as kids but you know what I mean! And, no we aren't planning on having kids anytime soon in case you're wondering, or as Justin always says, "Ask us next year." har, har, har...

Derby curling his tounge. One of the only tricks he knows at the moment, LOL.
So are you a dog owner considering another dog? Did you end up getting another dog and if so what assisted you in making that decision? I've never owned two dogs in my life before so it definitely has been a learning experience! It's been so rewarding having two dogs with two silly, but different personalities; it sometimes leaves me feeling like this:
Derby kind of looks like Louie in this picture

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  1. Aww! Derby is sooo cute, Joanne! You will love having two dogs around. We've had Bobo (Sam's blue chihuahua) and Bennett (A chocolate Labrador)for the last 5 years and it's been great! With the right training, it's a joy having them as part of the family. We love them. Thanks to Sam who asked us to take care of Bobo when his landlady would not allow pets in his apartment. Louis and Derby will require a lot of attention, but it will all be worth it!