Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend Review: Don't Rain On My Parade Edition

Hello Everyone! I hope you had a good weekend. I had a pretty fun one which was kicked off by our attendance at the Marine Barracks Evening Parade. Unfortunately, it was raining throughout the parade, so I think they shortened it. I was really looking forward to seeing the Silent Drill Platoon perform their Silent Drill Exhibition, but the rain probably made handling the guns too slippery. In any case, it was still a great show.

Here is the Drum and Bugle Corps.:

Here is the Marine Corps. Band:

The differences between the Drum and Bugle Corp. and the Marine Corp. band is that the D&C are all actually active duty military (so if we were being attacked they would drop the oboe and pick up a gun!) and the MCB are highly recruited musicians that serve as honorary Marines. Neat little factoid tidbit for you. :)

My favorite part of the parade was by far the appearance by the official mascot of the Marine Corps. Barracks, Chesty the Bulldog. Sorry the pic is blurry, but trust me he was too cute!

They finished the parade with Companies A and B (the two Marine companies that actually live at the Barracks) doing an exit march.

We later hung out on 8th Street and met up with one of Justin's friends from Louisville (who lives in Chicago now) that was in town for a conference. Nothing too crazy, but still fun! With the summer almost over I can't believe I've only done one thing on my Summer To List, but Summer isn't over yet and I hope to enjoy every last minute of it (and hopefully cross more things off on my list)!

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  1. Was it me that reminded you that summer is coming to an end? Tell THAT to the 100 degree weather we've been having! LOL