Thursday, August 16, 2012

Walking into Spiderwebs

Hello Everybody! I know its been a while since my last blog post. Since you last heard from me, I had a girls' weekend at the beach, Justin and I had some out of town guests, and I even got sick with a cold/flu/allergy-type thing (I wasn't really sure what it was, but I was out of commission for a few days!). Anyways, I'm back and I'll try to get you caught up on what I've been up this month.

In preparation of our friends visiting from out of town, I took it upon myself to try to spiffy up our entryway. Sadly, it was getting a bit grimey as there were a bunch of bugs and spiderwebs hanging around our entry way, as seen in these two above the door shots: 

Look at the corner areas, they're nasty!

And highlighted by our light here:

And an up close shot of the crustiness of our entry light:

I'm not sure if these pics capture the gross factor of it, but it was starting to look like Halloween up in here (in a bad way!) Yuck! 

Two spiderweb blobs: 

I looked up on the internet how to repel spiders and one of the the websites said to spray the area with Pledge Wood Polish because spiders don't like things that have citrus in it. So, I took what I had left of our orange Pledge and sprayed the crap out of the entry way. I'm sorry I don't have any after pictures because it look so much better after I swept away all the spiderwebs. It even smelled orangey-fresh to boot! However, the success of my "cleaning" was short lived because in the days following, the areas I sprayed started to act like flypaper, collecting the little critters that would fly by on our walls and on the entry way. wah wah. But, at least there weren't any spiderwebs, right? At least for now... :( 

Short of installing a bug zapper in our entryway, I'm wondering what else I can do to keep the bugs at bay. I wouldn't want to resort to pesticides since the bugs do live outside; however, several of our neighbors have had professionals come in to spray a mosquito barrier in their yards. I wonder if that would help out our entryway bug problem? I know it seems a little crazy spraying a little 6x6 foot patch of grass, but if it helps eliminate mosquitos and other bugs, it might be something that we may look into for next summer. 

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