Monday, July 23, 2012

Team We Can Do It and the Lozilu Mud Run

A shot of the victors! :)
Over the weekend, my sisters, friends and I participated in the LoziLu Mud Run in Leesburg, VA. I had been wanting to do a mud run for a while, and that is when my friend N. found out about LoziLu. It was nearby and it was all-female, which I thought was pretty cool. So we signed up and I recruited my sisters and another one of my girlfriends, NB, to do it with us.  As a result, "Team We Can Do It" was born.

On the Lozilu website they encouraged costumes so I thought a Rosie the Riveter look would be cute. N. was the one that put the plan into action with dark blue polos and a polka dotted head scarf. We woke up bright and early, got ready at N's house and then we were on our way!

Unfortunately, on our way to the mud run Justin got a flat tire. Luckily, a cop saw us pulled over and was able to help him out. Our team's original name was "Team Shenanigans" so I guess we couldn't escape our first shenanigan despite the name change, huh?

Here we are before the race, so fresh and so clean! Unlike the weather we had been having for the past few weeks (100 degrees!), the day was overcast with partial showers. It was a true mud run in every sense of the word. I'm sure the mud run coordinators didn't have to do much to make the course extra muddy!

Here is a shot of our heat. We saw some cute costumes. Some Wonder Woman, lots of pink and lots of tutus and striped socks. We got lots of compliments on our outfits. I appreciated the fact that our costumes were very functional, simple and creative!

This was one of the first obstacles--a wall climb!

One of my favorite obstacles was this one. We had to go down this steep muddy hill into a river, then wade a bit down the river to go up another muddy hill. It was a cool way to incorporate the natural surroundings into an obstacle for the course!

All of us about to jump off a ramp. Some of these jumps were a little rough on these old woman's knees, Lol...

The course was really beautiful and scenic. We thought these plants were really cool. They were all around us and we called them pineapple cupcakes because they looked like a cross between a pineapple and a cupcake. :)

At this obstacle we channeled our inner Britney in her "Toxic" video! Lol...

This was the balance beam obstacle. It looked easy but it was tricky because this (like every other obstacle) was very slippery!

This slide was super fun! Here are my sisters going feet first.

But it was more fun going head first (like you see me doing in the background!)

We were glad to have the guys showing their support!


Overall I would say that I had a blast doing my very first mud run. Our team rocked (we were all super supportive of each other!), the mud run was well organized, and the snacks (consisting of cookies, chips, and candy) although not the healthiest were delish! Don't worry, there were some bananas and granola bars for the healthy folk but the sweet and salty snacks were the perfect ending to a fun mud run!

Here we are striking one more Rosie the Riveter pose. "Team We Can Do It"...Did it!  I can't wait until we get to do it again!

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