Tuesday, October 2, 2012

September in Review

Wow, can you believe that it's October already? The year is almost over. Justin and I haven't been working too much on the house lately but we've still have been pretty busy! Here's a a bit of what we've been up to!

We had some friends over for a Labor Day cookout...

Jill and I saw Volta Bureau at the Black Cat. If you've never heard of them before I suggest you look up their tracks, especially "Alley Cat." Their style is kind of disco/house-y...Their music is awesome for dancing and they're local too!

We got invited by our friends to join them for their company's Kings Dominion Day! Thanks J and V!

You already know about the 5k I did with the family...

One of the highlights of the month was seeing Avicii at the Pier Six Pavilion in Baltimore

The crowd going nuts!

Justin and Mike enjoying the music...and the people watching!

I won tickets via We Love DC to see an Independent Filipino Film called, "Busong (Palawan Fate)" a the National Geographic All Roads Film Festival.

Here is a picture of the director introducing the film:

And to cap off the end of a great baseball season, I got to see the Nationals clinch the National League East title! It would've been a bit better if they had beaten the Phillies that night, but seeing them pop champagne in the locker rooms and then come out to great the fans was amazing!

Pleased to meet you Mr. Lincoln...

A packed stadium!


September was a whirlwind of events and the fall is just picking up for the Brionii clan...stay tuned!

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