Monday, October 15, 2012

Weekend Review: Lighting the Night!

Hi Everyone! I hope you had a good weekend! Mine was jam packed with activity so let's start with the bad news. On Friday, my beloved Nats were one pitch away for moving on to the next round of playoffs, but lost game 5 to the St. Louis Cardinals. I had not attended any of first round playoff games, but had reserved tickets to the NLCS in the event that they won, but alas it was not meant to be... #Saditude
In brighter sports news, the Redskins had their first home win since last season! Now that's something to celebrate! Yipee!
Although, it was a busy sports weekend, Justin and I had a lot on our social plate! Friday night we attended the surprise birthday party of the parents of our good friend, Joos. They flew in from Florida and were completely surprised. The look on her mom's face was priceless!
The next day as members of Team Pimp Joos, we participated in the Washington, DC Light the Night Walk.
Photo Courtesy of LTN National Capitol Area
Since we raised so much money, we were able to get our tent and in true Pimp Joos fashion, we had to "win" the walk in come in first, LOL. Here's a picture of some of the team with our fearless leader:
Afterwards, we all ate dinner together which was nice since we all hadn't been together in a very long time.
Sunday was filled with errand running and football watching, but in the midst of our lazy Sunday, we managed to join the rest of the neighborhood lookie-loos and checked out the open house across the street. They had been renovating it for a few months now and it had just been put on the market.
Here's a shot of Justin in the master suite of the home. I was trying to console him of the fact that we do not have an en suite bathroom, nor dual sinks in our house...wah wah...
This is what I was lusting after. A garage door, a parking pad, with a bit of green space is all we really need!

Of course this could all be yours for the simple price of $879,500. Okay, I hope you didn't spit your drink all over the computer screen at that price, as even for DC that price is a little steep (especially for our little Hill East neighborhood), but if it does end up selling for that much (after all inventory is low in the city) it does nothing but bolster the value of our home as well. :) 
This weekend will probably be a bit low key since we have a race on Sunday. Until next time!

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