Monday, January 28, 2013

Mounting the TV

Hello Everybody! I hope you all had a good weekend! It snowed here in the DC area, not a lot but enough to keep me indoors. Don't you hate it when the cold gets in the way of plans/productivity? Well, one productive thing that happened over the weekend was that our friends John and Natasha came over to help mount the TV we got for Christmas. Actually, it was more like Justin and John mounted the TV and Natasha and I were there for moral support. Oh, and you can't forget these guys...they were there for moral support as well!
Here's a shot of Scobey and Louie doing their best sit and Derby being a creeper in the background
Anyway, I we got a mount from Amazon for about $50 and was delivered pretty quickly, definitely less than the estimated 5-7 days. The picture instructions seemed pretty straight froward. "Idiot proof" is what Justin called it.
Here are some shots of them either opening the box or screwing in the brackets into the back of the TV (I can't really tell)...

 Here's a shot of the brackets they put on the back of the TV... 

They first installed the wall mount and made sure it was anchored in properly and centered. It really helped that John brought his professional grade tools since I doubt our poor little drill could've handled drilling holes in brick/concrete.
The cool thing about this particular wall mount is that it has a swinging arm so you can angle the TV towards the kitchen. That way, if I ever want to cook while watching the Food Network  I can totally do so! ;)
Justin making the final adjustments...excuse the blurry, dream-like nature of these must've been the lighting...
And ta-da! A shot of the guys in front of finished product!
With the addition of our new TV, DirecTV is coming today to bring another receiver as well as install the Genie which allows for multiple, simultaneous recordings of our favorite programs, ready for viewing from any TV in our house. Woohoo! I'm sure that can't be good for our social life. LOL...
Although, I had no part in the install of the wall mount it looked pretty easy to do. Or at least the guys made it look easy. Can you believe there are install companies that charge +$100 for this type of service and for us it only cost price of the wall mount. Crazy, huh?
Have you ever wall mounted a TV or did you have someone do it for you? Would the size of the TV be a factor in doing it yourself?

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