Monday, October 28, 2013

Weekend Review: Some Good Livin' and Pearl Jam

Hello Everybody! I hope you had a good weekend. As I've told you all before, I have been training for a GoRuck Light for the past month or so and it finally happened on Saturday. It was pretty fun and unlike anything I've done before. I'm still waiting for people to share their pictures (since I didn't take any) so once I steal them, I promise that I'll do a blog post solely on my first GoRuck experience.
In the meantime, here is one pretty cool pic we took in front of an Easter Island head!
Post-GoRuck Jill and I were famished, in the midst of our preparation (hydration bladder: check! gloves: check!) we were starving because we didn't eat breakfast and forgot to pack snacks. Whoopsy! Some of our fellow GoRuckers shared their food with us, but we were still very hungry at the end! We looked up a brunch place on Yelp and came across this place
--Paper Moon Diner. It was located a just few steps away from where we parked!
This diner was featured on the show "Diner Paradise" on the Travel Channel for its tasty menu and eclectic decor. This window/opening was pretty cool.
Jill (surrounded by bright decorations) waiting for our food...
Since we were really hungry we started off with the gravy and egg topped fries as an appetizer.
Jill ordered the bacon blue cheese burger with avocado and a side of onion rings.
I ordered the crab cake melt (which was a fun take on a tuna melt) also with a side of onion rings. Our meals were super tasty and we even ordered some of their fabulous desserts (red velvet cake and peanut butter pie) to go. My only gripe is that it got to be really expensive since everything was a la carte and each item started to add up (e.g.: the coffees, onion rings).
The next day I headed back to Baltimore to see Pearl Jam in concert! Here is a shot of Justin and I waiting for the show to start. We had never seen Pearl Jam before and my husband is a big fan of the band.
For being so high up, we still had a pretty good view of the stage!
Our friend Bill (a die hard fan) is somewhere in the crowd below:
Eddie still looks great after all these years! Apparently the rocker life has been good to him! :)  
It was a full house! It was neat hearing them perform their really popular songs (e.g.: Alive, Black, etc.) because the whole crowd would participate, almost like a sing-a-long! :)
So that was my weekend! I promise I'll post more about my GoRuck experience soon! And the concert on Sunday was a blast! Driving up to Baltimore is always a nice little getaway! Interestingly enough, a lot of parents had brought their kids to the show. I thought it pretty neat, but I thought the show ended kind of late, even for me!

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