Thursday, June 19, 2014

#LiveSessions with Joe Thomas!

I'm on a (bloggin') roll!

I am a lover of all kinds of music, but 90's R&B has always had a special place in my heart! Remember last Valentine's Day when we saw Brian McKnight? Well, last night a local radio station Majic 102.3 was hosting a free mini-concert/music session with a couple of up-and-coming artists and of course Joe Thomas (known of course simply as Joe).

Here is a shot of the first act, Lysette Titi, who has performed with Nikki Minaj. She was great and performed some of her original songs.

Next was MuMu Fresh who sang some radio hits with her own Afro-centric twist. 

Then it was time for Joe! He looking as cool as ever! The man is ageless!

Here he is getting interviewed by the emcee of the evening, Adimu. Do you remember him from BET's Teen Summit?!

And for the big finale, all the females in room (myself especially!) singing along to his hit, "I Wanna Know." You can really hear me at the end of this clip...Justin said I sound like a drunk white girl, LOL.

Anyway, I love shows like this...small and intimate, but it was too left me wanting more! I hope he comes back to DC soon to do a full concert! :)

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