Monday, February 18, 2013

Our Valentine's Day

Hello everyone! Before I tell you about the awesome weekend I had, I first wanted to tell you about what we did on Valentine's Day. Since it's so close to our house, we have been wanting to try Charlie Palmer Steak for the longest time. When the time came to make Valentine's Day reservations, we were super excited to make it our choice for our Valentine's Day meal. By the way, Charlie Palmer is where one of of my favorite Top Chef contestants, Bryan Voltaggio, sharpened his culinary chops.
We started our meal with a complementary shot of potato and leek soup...
And then we moved on to our appetizer for fois gras. 'Nuff said.

Justin and I got the porterhouse for two and before they cut it they presented it to us table side to make sure it was to our liking.

For sides we got the truffle macaroni and cheese (I love truffle oil!) and the wild mushrooms and onions.

Here's a shot of Justin about to dive right in!

Here is Justin picking at the bone of our steak. After we finished our meal the server asked if we wanted him to wrap the bone up so we could take it home to our dog. Justin and I laughed because as much as the boys would have loved the steak bone, I could see them fighting over it or chewing it into oblivion. Needless to say we passed on his offer. :)

As stuffed as we were from our dinner, there is always room for dessert so we shared the chocolate hazelnut pyramid. It was the perfect finish to a meal. Excuse the glare as I was sitting in front of a you see that white thing popping up behind my head? That's the U.S. Capitol building, neat huh?

In addition to our dessert, the restaurant gave us a complementary assortment of sweets.

And some homemade doughnuts to enjoy the next day. Cheeky! ;)

As awesome as dinner was, our Valentine's Date wasn't over yet. We headed up to the Maryland Live! Casino in Hanover to see the incomparable Brian McKnight. It was the first time that I had ever seen him perform and he blew me away. He is so funny and he really interacted with the crowd. And the crowd of course loved him back!

His bassist killed me! He was dancing and grooving to the songs. He was really into it!

I found myself singing and dancing (in my seat) to all of the songs.

Brian is truly talented and here he is playing the guitar for a few songs. And his voice! His range is impeccable and his tone is so clear and pure. After 20+ years of making music, he still has it!

And of course here is a shot of him on the keyboard performing "One Last Cry." Who doesn't go back to their first high school break up when listening to that song? #nostalgia

So that was my Valentine's Day in a nutshell. I had so much fun at dinner and the concert. I hope you had a good Valentine's Day, too!

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