Monday, February 25, 2013

Weekend Review: Movin' on Up (and Away)

Happy Monday to you! I hope you had a good weekend! I thought that this weekend was going to be more chill than last weekend since we weren't going out of town, but it was actually pretty busy!

Our friend (Maneater) Meter accepted a new position at Colorado State University and is leaving at the end of the month. She first lived here several years ago, moved to Florida, but then came back! She was actually one of the only females in our group (besides me) when Justin first moved to DC nearly six years ago. She's leaving us again but we promised to visit her in Colorado, especially since Justin and I have never been there!

A shot (no pun intended) of her going away party at Union Pub Friday night...
Although we stayed out later than we should have we had a busy day planned on Saturday. We had to transfer the title/registration on Justin's car from Kentucky to D.C. The first thing we had to do was get an emissions test...the line went around the block so we had to we had to wait a while. I'm sure all these idling cars, waiting to be tested, couldn't be doing anything good for the environment. :(
Next, we had to go to the DMV. Dun-dun-dun! There were lines galore! A line to get into the parking lot, a line to get into the building, and line to grab a number, etc. Here's a shot of the packed waiting room.
Luckily I had plenty of reading material!
When we finally got home I was starving so I fried up some lumpia (Filipino egg rolls) while I watched the Beyonce documentary I had on DVR...
Yummy fried, carb-y goodness! As you all know on Friday, I announced that I would be participating in my Crossfit Box's Nutrition Challenge so I ate stuff like this...
And this...
...all weekend. After all, I wouldn't be eating horrible like that for another two months so I had to properly say good-bye! ;) On Sunday, we helped our friend Jenn move out of her apartment. It definitely wasn't as traumatizing as other times we've moved friends. With all the help she had we were able to move her stuff in and out quite quickly.
Here's a shot of the new fancy apartment (and all of us relaxing post-move)!
What do you do this weekend? Do you ever have weekends you think will be relaxing, but turn out to be busier than you thought in the end?

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