Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Brandi's Baby Shower

Last month, I helped host a baby shower for one of my good friends, Brandi. We met though promo modeling many years ago and are still good friends today. If you know anything about me, you'd know that I don't know much about babies or baby showers, but how could I not take part in throwing my gal pal a super co-ed baby shower?
The night before the event, I helped Brandi and our friend Reanna makes some yummy appetizers and desserts! We made these mini spinach artichoke tarts and snickerdoodle cupcakes. They were divine! And of course we had to taste every batch...good quality control. :) We stayed up pretty late, but got up bright and early to run errands before the event.
Some of Brandi's friends came by a little early to help prep...Here's a shot of the aforementioned snickerdoodle cupcakes!
And here are the mini zucchini pizzas before going into the oven!

We had such a great spread of delicious food!

Reanna had this great idea of having guests sign up to bring the new parents dinner once the baby arrives, so while people were signing up, I was going around with my huge baby bottle bank asking people to guess how many peanut M&Ms were in the bottle.

Here is a shot of Brandi and winner. Can you believe he was only off by one? There were 212 and he guessed 211, WOW!

The next game we played was the baby bottle beer chugging game. It was hilarious because we had all different types of bottles (ranging from real infant bottles to the dollar store variety), so let just say that some guys had a more difficult time chugging the beer than others.  

Here is a shot of the winners with their craft beer trophies!

The next game we played was the belly measuring game. Guests had to take a piece of streamer and guess how wide around Brandi was (without actually measuring her!). After each person cut of their piece, the got to go up to Brandi to see how their guess measured up.
It was fun seeing how off some people were in their measurement, while other people were super close!
And of course Josh had the perfect measurement! All by just eyeballing it! What a good husband!

All of the guests got to leave with a mini banana bread loaf made by Brandi herself!

Then it was on to the opening of the presents! Tara made a lovely diaper cake! Super crafty! I love seeing these baby showers! They are so cool!

Here is a shot of Josh and Brandi holding up our gifts. Unfortunately, the Brionii were double booked that day so Justin couldn't make it. :( That's why Josh is holding up the bottle of Jim Beam that he picked up specifically for Justin! Do our friends know us or what? Justin will have to partake in the bottle of Beam next time!

Here's a shot of the co-hostesses with the person of honor. It may seem weird that I was wearing short sleeves in the middle of January, but trust me that particular day was strangely warm!

A silly pic...not sure what we're doing here!

And one last picture of the happy family before the arrival of baby...

Well, it was a good thing we threw the baby shower when we did because Brandi went into early labor and Hunter Cornelius was born a few days later! Congratulations you guys on your new addition! We can't wait to meet baby Hunter real soon!

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