Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Sisters' Weekend: Motown Philly & Atlantic City

Howdy Everyone! As promised I wanted to tell you all about the fab Sisters' Weekend I just had. Since Judy just happened to have Saturday off, we decided that it would be the perfect opportunity for a road trip.  We made our decision on where to go based on the fact that none of us had been to Philadelphia and Atlantic City for quite some time.

We left the DC area bright and early Saturday morning and headed to Philly. First stop: Reading Terminal Market. There were so many delicious things to eat, and the smells of the different foods we're amazing! There were a ton of people there, but we were able to navigate the various stalls to see their tasty offerings. It was lunch time so we decided to stop by Tommy DiNic's of Man v. Food fame!

Judy and I stood in line while Jill did some recon for some seats. The line wasn't too long, and it moved somewhat fast. It was definitely shorter than the Philly Cheesesteak line I stood in the last time I was in Philly.

Here are some shots of the sandwich makers hard at work. 

This is the huge sign above the cashier. Because we had some time in line to decide what we were going to get, Jill ordered the roast beef with sharp provolone and broccoli rabe, while Judy ordered the pulled pork with sharp provolone and broccoli rabe.

If you know any thing about the Beltrano sisters, we always make a point to try to order something different from one another so that we can try each other's food. I ordered the roast pork sandwich with sharp provolone, broccoli rabe and sweet peppers. You can see my order in all its juicy, drippy goodness below. The meat was cooked perfectly and the sweet peppers gave it that nice kick. The broccoli rabe gave it some crunch and some freshness as well. The roll was superb. Hard on the outside and chewy on the inside.

Jill about to dive right in!

And here's Judy taking the first bite!

Do I have something in my in my teeth? joke though, the broccoli rabe had an uncanny way of getting stuck in all of our teeth, so my picture below is just an exaggeration of reality! Just giving you a fair warning if you ever try this sandwich!

After finishing as much of our DiNic's sandwiches as we could, we decided it was time for dessert. Oh, another thing you should know about the Beltrano sisters is that although we may say we are full, there is always room for dessert. You should see the look on Justin's face when he dines out with my family. After eating our entrees my sisters and I will complain about how stuffed we are, but the minute the waiter comes by asking about dessert, our "stuffed-ness" magically goes away. ;)

There were a ton of dessert and sweets stalls in Reading Terminal Market, so it was hard to decide on one.  We had Yelp decide and Beiler's Bakery it was! Looking across the counter and the choices it displayed, it was so hard to decide on what treats to pick.  We decided on several, with Jill picking a pumpkin whoopie pie.  It had the perfect amount of whipped cream in it, and it was not too sweet either! Judy selected a crumb cake, and I picked the raisin walnut sticky buns in the picture below.

We decided to share a slice of mixed berry pie, but you couldn't help but want everything in the windows including these meringue pies.

After lunch, we decided to stop by South Street and stroll around the various shops.

After walking around Philly, we headed for Atlantic City. AC is less than an hour away from Philly, so it was an easy drive. We were going to see A-trak that evening and were ready to have a good time! A few weeks ago I saw Avicii (one of my favorite DJs), and I had a less than stellar time. Let me just say that we started that evening getting nearly trampled and it all went downhill from there. :( Needless to say, on our bus ride home the guy sitting next to us suggested that we go to AC (namely: Revel), to hear big name DJs and have a more upscale nightlife experience.  So that's the backstory on how we came to visit Atlantic City! :)

Well, I should be thanking the gentelman on the bus because my sisters and I had a great time at Revel's ultraclub, HQ. Here's Jill messing around with the glowing ice cube from the ice bucket...

And the quintessential bathroom shot...where's Judy? I dunno? Probably hanging out with some randos...LOLOL...

Oh, here she is...looking faded! Ha!

Here are some shots of the club. The huge screen with the visual effects were cool!

The screen says, "Fool's Gold!" It's A-trak's record label. :)

The HQ Marquee...

Overall, it was good night! The people were friendly and the club was beautiful. Despite the nice accommodations the club had to offer, the club didn't have heat lamps on the patio! We couldn't enjoy the gorgeous views of the beach, or get some fresh air.  We ended up like this on our trips outside. Yes, that's Jill and Judy. And, yes that's snow!

That's my weekend in a nutshell! When was the last time you were in Philly or AC? Anything I must-do or must-try next time I am in either one of those towns?

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