Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy Six Month WODiversary

After reading the title of this post you might be wondering, What the heck is a WODivesary?" Well, it was exactly six months ago this day I first started doing Crossfit! It's crazy how time flies! It seems like only yesterday I did my first WOD (aka: Workout of the Day--hence the title name) and was the new kid on the block. Now, it feels weird to see all these people at the box that are way newer than me!

See me and my ugly erg face? Courtesy of Crossfit Rubicon

In case you're wondering, here is the first WOD I had ever done:

Tabata Triple*, complete one full movement before starting the next
  • Bottom to Bottom Wall-balls (with the rest at the bottom in a squat)
  • Top to top Pushups (with the rest at the top in a plank)
  • 10m shuttle runs
tabata = high intensity interval training

I guess after that workout I was hooked! ;) It was the perfect mix of skill, strength, and cardio to keep my interest. Unfortunately, I don't know how well I did because at that time I was recording my stats on my smartphone app. I lost my phone on New Year's and now I don't have any record of that particular WOD or any of my starting weights on my lifts since then (womp womp). Needless to say, I am now recording all of my WOD times/scores and lifts in a good old fashioned notebook.

This week is testing week at my box. With notebook in hand, I'll be recording my results from the baseline workouts so I can retest myself at the end of the Nutrition Challenge. That way, I can see how I've improved physically! I'll be sure to share my starting results with you next week.
Here are some of my reflections on the past six months:
  • I love how practical crossfit is and how it fits with my life. Everything from our monthly Costco trips to helping our friend move in last week or just jumping to reach that really high container (trust me at 5'3 I do that a lot), can directly relate to crossfit. No weight machine will ever do that.
  • For some reason, crossfit has the uncanny way of creating communities/bringing people together. I've done various workouts in gyms, aerobic classes, etc. and never got to know the people in my class. There's something about suffering together motivating one another during the WOD that unites people like no other...
  • Coaching is everything! When left to my own devices, I can wander through a self-guided workout and barely break a sweat. When you have someone yelling pushing you, it can make all the difference. I still have my favorite coaches, but the "young guns," as I like to call them, are quickly climbing up my favorite list!
In keeping with the crossfit theme, I'll try to update you guys weekly on my progress with the Nutrition Challenge or just talk about crossfit stuff on the blog for the next few months. I can't wait to look back and see how I've progressed after nine weeks of the Nutrition Challenge and even further down the road after I've been doing crossfit for a year!

It'll be good to mix up the blog topics every now and then, especially since we haven't been doing much house stuff as of late. ;)

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