Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sundance 2.0: Another Fun-filled Day

Our second day at Sundance started bright and early with our viewing of Another Happy Day at Library Theater.  This movie was about the main character, Lynn, and her (played by Ellen Barkin) family dysfunction/interactions during her son’s wedding.  This movie also starred Demi Moore and Kate Bosworth.  N. and I liked this movie a lot because it showed that no matter how perfect a family appears on the outside, we’re all a little f*cked up to a certain extent. 

Library Theater...which was actually in a library/school!

The Q&A afterward featured the emotional screenwriter/director Sam Levinson and Ellen Barkin who not only starred in the movie, but produced it as well.  For being only 25, Sam Levinson is a true genius in his craft.  The Sundance judges took notice of his talent as well because Another Happy Day won the award for the best U.S. Dramatic category. 

Ellen Barkin and Sam Levinson
Next up was Circumstance which was a movie about two Iranian teenage girls exploring their sexuality while growing up under the eye of the morality police.  I liked this movie as well, but there was a tall person (or at least one with a long torso!) in front of me which made viewing the movie and reading the subtitles a little difficult.  This movie won the Audience Award in the U.S. Dramatic category. 

Since we had a few hours until our next movie, N. and I decided to explore Park City.  We strolled through the shops, restaurants, and bars and even saw the iconic Egyptian Theater (where many of the smaller films, such as The Blair Witch Project, premiered). 

Beautiful Park City

Piles of snow abound...can you see the ski lifts behind us?

The Egyptian Theater...brought to you by Southwest Airlines, lol...

We decided to go back to our hotel room to chill for a bit, but we probably shouldn’t have because the shuttle service was running a little weird and we almost missed our next movie, Perfect Sense.  We literally were running into the theater as the movie already started (and again the running left me gasping for air! Gahh! Darn you altitude!).  Despite our rushed entrance, Perfect Sense was a great movie.  Ewan McGregor was great in it.  It was a nice romantic story mixed in with worldwide epidemics (you have to watch it to know what I mean).

After the movie, we got ready for the Awards Night Party.  It was nice to people watch, but we didn’t want to stay too long because we wanted to catch one more movie before the end of the night.

Quintessential crowd pic

The cool glowing stage that changed color throughout the night
N. and I with the lead actresses from Circumstance! We had
just seen their movie and I told them, "Congrats on your award!"

Lastly, we watched Meek’s Cutoff starring Michelle Williams.  This movie was about pioneers travelling the Oregon Trail.  I don’t know if it was the fact that the movie was a midnight showing or that the movie was pretty slow, but this was the first time we saw people get up and leave the theater during a Sundance showing.  The movie by far wasn’t my favorite, but it got N. and I talking about themes and director's vision.  That was our second day in a nutshell, making our trip to Sundance nearly over!

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