Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Water Damage Repaired?

Remember a few months ago I told you guys about the leak in our bedroom room (from our air conditioner) that dripped all the way down to the living room?  Well, it looked like this:

After a few months of tolerating it (yes, we let it go for months, don't judge!), Justin was able to patch the water damage to make it good as new.  Sorry, I don't have any "action" shots of Justin repairing the wall, but just imagine him spackling, then priming, and then yelling about how the paint wasn't adhering to the newly spackled areas.  Despite his frustrations he was able to fix it. Yay! Sorry these aren't the best pictures.

But it looks like nothing ever happened right?

Justin even fixed the paint chipped areas behind the recliner.  I don't have any before pictures of the damage, but apparently when you would rock on the recliner it would chip away at the wall behind it. Whoopsy.

You would think that this would be the end of our "leakage" problems, but it's not.  Just when we thought we were in the clear, another problem had to rear its ugly head...more on that later...

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