Thursday, December 29, 2011

Raze the Roof

Last weekend we got a new roof after we sprung a leak the week before.  

To refresh your memory, this is what our old roof looked like--the original roof!

Here are some pictures of the new roof (excuse the finger in the shot, its not mine it's the roofer's :)

They had to completely strip the old tin roof and replace it with new (modern) material

These pictures were taken when the roof was nearly done.  After these shots were taken, the roof was painted.

Anyway, I'll let the pics from my roofer's website do the talking since I'm not expert:

Here's hoping that our new roof will last us another 100 years!


  1. Ohh! It’s a good thing that you decided to replace your old roof with a new one. Tin roofs, when properly installed by a certified roofing contractor will provide you with a decade of lasting durability. Its drawback, however, is the cost of installation. I hope you didn’t spend too much with that roof restoration.

  2. Whoa, the roof installation seems to be a success! Everyone deserves a non-leaky and sturdy roof for their family, and the better thing for you is that you can now sleep safe and sound without the unnecessary worries. Although the installation took a while and a bit pricey, you will never worry for the next 100 years for leaks. :D

  3. You can’t go wrong with tin roofs. It’s practically easy to construct and an inexpensive material for roofing. This is a famous fire-resistant type of roof, which makes it ideal for homes with stovepipes and other chimneys. One of its drawbacks, which can be considered benefits as well, is that it is prone to noise. But isn’t it nice to hear the raindrops pattering on your tin roof?

  4. That’s money well spent, Joanne. You were lucky enough to find contractors that were willing to replace your roof step by step. Stripping down the whole roof and building it from scratch is important because it lets you see hidden problems and ensures the quality of work being done. Well, I bet you had no problems on that department, since the difference of the new roof from the old one is astounding!