Wednesday, January 11, 2012

My Bulbs Are Early Bloomers

Apparently my bulbs (which I talk about planting here) didn't get the memo that it is still winter.  I followed the instructions diligently and ensured they were planted before the winter's frost. However, what do I see when I step out today, but this:

A little green stub popping out its head beneath the dirt.

Can you see him? Right smack in the middle of the picture.

But he's not the only one...

Sorry you can't see my yellow arrows very well (my hubby is better at Microsoft Paintbrush than I am :) but you can see the other little bulbs that decided to sprout early, too.

I don't blame them, we've been having some pretty crazy weather lately. On Saturday it was in the 60's and on Tuesday we experienced significant snowfall. Go figure. Despite my flower bulbs perking up their little heads, I hope they survive long enough to fully bloom in the spring.

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