Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Family Picture 2012: We are Family

I got all my sisters with me...and my parents...and Justin..and the dogs, we'll you get the idea.

Every other year my family and I get together to take our family picture. Two years ago instead of taking a family picture we decided to take a picture from our wedding and use that on our card. Simple and easy.

Because our last holiday card featured a picture from our wedding, this was the first family picture we have gotten together for in the last four years. I had almost forgotten how much planning goes into it until I was tasked with putting it together.

The first thing we needed was a photographer.  Because the Beltrano/Briones Family includes three dogs, it was quite challenging to find a place that photographs pets. Photo studios located in malls had strict time windows and rules, so that was out of the question. It was on to finding a freelance photographer who can shoot on-site.

I recently discovered that Jim, one of my co-workers, does photography.  When I checked out his website, I knew he was the right person for the job because of the quality and variety of his work. Plus, he was available that weekend, giving us enough time to get the photo holiday cards made for Christmas.

Because Jim shoots on-location, I had to find a site for us to shoot at. Jim's website features many of the D.C. monuments, so I figured he would know the best places to shoot around those particular areas. I decided that the U.S. Capitol building would be the perfect backdrop to our family photos because it probably wouldn't be as crowded with tourists and it offers some architectural detail, as opposed to the Washington Monument.

On a cold Sunday morning, after we waited a bit for my parents to find the location, we were ready to begin! Here are some shots from the our photo shoot!

Derby is squinting in this one, but it's a good shot right in front of the Capitol building...

We even took some individual shots. Here's Jill LOLing...

Judy giving us, "Who's hungry, who's hungry..."


Here's a picture of me giving you wind-blown hair realness. I just wish I had a flag in the background. 'Murrica.

The dogs got into the solo action as well...

What are my parents looking at? Probably JJ...

 Now they're looking and smiling, yay!

The "Tres Marias" cheesin' it up...

And a Brioni close-up! 

 Having a seat in front of the Capitol. Louie's not impressed...ha!

 And here's the Brioni family portrait. This is the pic we would send out if we did holiday cards... :)

We were able to get a lot of great shots that day which made it difficult to choose one for our Christmas card. If you want to see which one we decided on you'll have to check your mailbox. :)

All photos property of Jim Knapp Photography

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