Thursday, December 6, 2012

Washington D.C.'s First Costco!

If you know me, you know that I am huge Costco fan. I love the quality, prices, and the overall value of all their products (even their very own Kirkland brand, it's awesome!). If you have ever wondered if it would be worth it for two person household to have a Costco membership, Justin and I would be the first people to tell you that it is so worth it!

Last week, the Nation's Capitol opened their very first Costco. You may have heard that even the Vice President visited! Since Justin and I have visited several Costcos in the DC metro area, we figured it was high time for us to visit the newest Costco right in our own backyard (or Northeast DC, to be exact ;)

Here's a picture of Justin in front of the spanking new Costco. We got there pretty early so the parking lot wasn't that crowded. There was ample parking and it was pretty easy to navigate the parking lanes (unlike the Pentagon City location which can be a cluster-you-know-what). 

The other picture is a shot of the squeaky clean aisles. Again, since this is a new location and we went early it was pretty easy to get around...just give it a few months ;)

We wasted no time filling our cart with fresh produce, cleaning products, and a whole lot of food. Since we had been traveling for the past month we put off doing some major grocery shopping so when we got to Costco we went all out. Check out me with Santa! They had a great selection of Christmas decorations, but we had no room in our cart. :(

The best part of our D.C. Costco shopping experience? The liquor! Woo hoo! Due to area liquor laws, Costcos in Northern Virgina and Maryland are not allowed to sell liquor so I was in awe when I saw amazing Patron boxed sets (perfect for gifting!), Costco-brand liquor and top-shelf brands. I purchased the huge bottle of American Kirkland brand vodka for a reasonable $13, while Justin bought the big daddy bottle of Makers Mark--something you can never have to much of!

Open Wide!!

What cracked me up was when the cashier looked at us and said, "Man, you got a lot of stuff!" I had to giggle because she had yet to realize that at Costco, "You big or go home!" LOL! With our two carts in tow, I think we pissed off the person behind us who only purchased a shrimp cocktail. #noob. In the end I would say it was successful trip and an overall good experience! As with all Costcos, they carried different items than the other Costco we go to (i.e.: they didn't have Almond Breeze milk, Kirkland brand flea and tick medicine, and a few other items), but it's location and the fact they carry liquor might put it over  the edge. :)


  1. Did you know that the Kirkland brand vodka is actually produced by Grey Goose? yourself the $20 and just go w/ the "generic"!

  2. Costco brand wine is some of the best wine selections in the world. John and I watched a whole documentary on their wine brand a while back. Also, their toy selection is some of the best too. Costco has a whole division, whose sole purpose is to seek new, and exciting toys to sell in their stores. It's so competitive, toy makers line up, and the application process is rigorous.