Saturday, December 15, 2012

I Want a New Rug

I know I haven't kept you updated on much home stuff because honestly, we haven't been doing much home improvements as of late.  We have made one small change to our living room. Remember the carpet tiles we got from Kentucky that I was so excited about? Unfortunately, they haven't been working out too well in the space. 

Due to running around like this...

And rolling around like this...

I think due to all the running around, it started to get a little "gappy" between each tile, similar to the picture below. Maybe it was an installation error on our part combined with the high traffic from the dogs.  In the end, the carpet tiles just weren't working least not in the living room. So, we moved the tiles out (we're hoping to put them in our bedroom) and started looking for a regular rug on Craigslist.

Justin found an 8x10 rug on Craigslist for $80. What a steal! He and our friend TB went that evening to pick it up. Here they are, moving the furniture around for the perfect placement of our new rug.

Ta-da! A good selection made by Justin, if I do say so myself. He followed our blue and brown color palette to a "T" and got us a great deal on a rug!

I obviously liked the new rug, but you can tell the boys were pretty happy with the rug as well.

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