Friday, June 21, 2013

Race Review: Purple Strides 5k

Last weekend, I ran the Purple Strides 5k in Washington, DC.  I had originally signed up with a couple of friends, but unfortunately  they were unable to run the race due to some schedule conflicts and other circumstances.  As a result, I had to run the race by myself. :( I didn't mind it too much because I typically think of running as more of a solo sport anyway. Whenever I do run with other people (my sisters, Justin, etc.), we usually end up separating. Maybe next time ladies! :) 

Here's a shot of the starting line with the view of the Capitol building.

You could feel the energy of the crowd! Even in the early morning on a weekend! ;)

The Fabulous Bel Airs were really great! The band generously volunteered to perform their awesome music for the event because the bandleader's father had been affected by the disease. 

This pre-race festival had something for everyone. Paul Mitchell sponsored a booth with games for the kids, and the Washington Kastles had set up an area where people could play an impromptu game of tennis! Pretty cool!

Sorry I don't have any shots of the actual course. I usually don't take many pictures while running, especially if it's a short race like a 5k. I will tell you that the course was fast and flat, with runners moving in a "down and back" direction. Because the course was a "down and back", the cool thing was that race volunteers were able to serve water on both sides of the course. Typically, 5k races will only have one water station, so two water stations was much appreciated. And let me tell you I needed that water with the humidity! Although the race started around 8:30 AM, it got hot really fast! I don't know why I sign up for these summer races. Maybe it was a good thing that they didn't have mile markers (until the last mile) because I felt like I was seriously dying. Give me a fall or spring race any day!

My whining aside, I actually got a PR this race! Go me! I finished in 34:25. :) I beat my last 5k time by nearly five minutes! Definitely not that fast by super human standards, but fast for me considering that I'm more of a slow and steady type runner. I was really proud of myself, and to celebrate I hijacked the photo area and took some pics.

Me in my head to toe purple ensemble!

Although the weather was pretty hot, and I didn't get the technical tee that I usually like, I would have to say that this was a pretty good race for a great cause. It was an easy course to run (probably good for first timers!), and the energy of the crowds and activities were incomparable! I would consider doing this race again (temperatures pending ;).

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