Saturday, September 28, 2013

Weekend Review: Kollaboration DC and My First Attempt at Rucking

Over the weekend my sister and I went to Kollaboration DC. Kollaboration is a talent showcase featuring Asian Americans that started on the West Coast. When my Yelp Elite status brought an opportunity to see this show (with VIP status to boot!) I just jumped at the chance and brought Jill with me. Here is the sampling of some of talent which consisted of various different types of singers (i.e.: bands, solo acts, acoustic performers, etc.).

There was even some spoken word! I'm typically not a fan of spoken word, but George Yamazawa's poem on Jeremy Lin was pretty cool!

Here is a picture of local dance group, The Diamond Family consisting of two groups--The Upperclassmen and the Kickrocks Crew. I miss #abdc! Wah!

Near the end of the show they had a freestyle vocal contest. This little kid had a lot of swagger. He sang a Chris Brown song and it was adorable!

Asian Pop Group Blush even performed!

A group shot of all the participants

If we had thought bubbles over our heads we'd be saying, "Sooo many Asians!" LOL

After the show, we walked to GBD (in heels no less!) for some grub! I started my meal with one of their house punches, the Cherry on Top.

I got the fried chicken bao bun (on the left) and popcorn shrimp (on the right).

The Luther (aka: doughnut sandwich) under the spotlight...

In addition to show watching and stuffing our faces, this was the weekend Jill and I decided to start really training for our GoRuck Light at the end of the October. What is a GoRuck you may ask? Basically, this link provides all the details. :) Our GoRuck Light takes place over 4-5 hours and will cover roughly 7-10 miles with various physical challenges in between. Did I mention we have do all of this with a weighted backpack? Approximately 12 lbs./2 bricks if you are 150 lbs. and under; twice that much if you weigh more. Since they were having a buy-one-bring-your-buddy-for-free deal a few months ago, I figured that we should sign up. Great idea at the time, but I forgot that I would currently be in my "hibernation" period where I put on all this fat, LOL!

Initially, we just dumped the bricks in a plastic bag because we wanted to get started right away. We would later realize (and my back would clearly tell me by throbbing in pain) that this is not what we should have done. The bricks kept moving around and they were literally digging into my back. Ouch. Lesson learned.

Rucking around Capitol Hill. This caption should read, "Wait for me!" because for some reason Jill and I felt like kids that missed the school bus (and were now running after it, hahaha!)

After that rough first go 'round, we figured we might as well do it proper and follow the instructions on the website on how to properly wrap your bricks. First you put two bricks together and your wrap it around three times with duct tape. Then you do it again going the other direction (length-wise).

We even went the extra mile and wrapped it in bubble wrap. They say it helps with the shifting.

Voila! The finished products.

I hope we're ready by the end of the October! I'll definitely do a write up to let you all know how it went!

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