Monday, September 23, 2013

Weekend Review: Food and Football

Hello everyone! Long time no see! I know it's been about a month since I last posted, so my activity level on this blog has been looking a little something like this:

Unfortunately my work blocked blogger (the blog writing website I use) which prevents me from writing and reviewing my posts in a timely manner. How annoying! Don't you hate it when work gets in the way of things? LOL, I kid, but I'll try to post at least once a week despite this setback. 

This past weekend was one of the few weekends we were in town so we opted to make the best of our time at home since we would be traveling again in a couple of weeks. This weekend also happened to be the first time I wasn't able to score tickets to Virgin Mobile Freefest which was kind of a bummer. But on the bright side, I already saw two of the acts Vampire Weekend and Kaskade earlier this year. Oh, well maybe next time.

Anyway, I started off my weekend bright and early at 8am (!!) on Saturday morning with a strength class at my box. I usually don't do crossfit on the weekends since my box is kind of far from my house (It is right next door to my job which is why I go after work). I made an exception this time because it was a strength focused class (i.e.: bench press, skull crushers, etc.), unlike a typical WOD. I definitely want to go again...if I can get my butt up early enough! ;)

After working out Justin and I went to the Tyson's Bagel Market for some breakfast sandwiches. I got my favorite, lox and cream cheese with all the fixings and Justin got a sausage, egg and cheese. They were both on everything bagels of course!

After our filling breakfast, we had to head home to get ready to go to the Maryland-West Virginia Football game. After swinging by my parents' place to grab the tickets and dropping off the boys we were on our way to M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore. 

The hyped up student section on the far right. Oh, to be young again...

The first pic we took together before the torrential downpour. As you can see by my perfectly fluffed bangs it hadn't started to rain hard yet...

My Terps about ready to score...


During halftime, Justin was mesmerized by the male baton twirler, but in all honesty he was really good!

Another shot of us, now completely drenched in a nearly empty stadium after everyone was seeking cover.

After a rousing 37-0 shutout victory, Justin and I headed back to pick up the Frenchies from my parents' place, but not before grabbing some grub to celebrate the win. We hadn't been to Wing Stop in a while so we figured we should check it out while we were in the area. 

The french fries (lightly dusted with cinnamon sugar) and parmesan wings.

The lemon pepper wings (our favorite!)

And the mild buffalo wings (I compromised for Justin 'cause I usually like it hot! :)

Whew! After a meal like that you know I gotta get back on plan on Monday! I hope you all had a good weekend, too!

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