Friday, March 11, 2011

Week 11: Ready for Our Close-Up

Not much going on at our house this week, however, the big news is that the crew for the "mystery show" that we've been filming for came back to finish our episode...Here are some pictures that should give you a clue on what show it is. For those, who already know what the show is, no ruining it for everyone else so "SHHH!" or I will delete your spoiler comments! 

Here is a picture of the cameraman, Bruce...

Who is that person the camera man is filming? It kinda looks like Eric Bana from behind...

I know who it is--Do you?? That's your first clue...if you read my blog you should have a good idea...

Now here is a shot of Justin with the whole gang (audio guy, camera guy and producer). Where the heck is he? (That's your second clue)

I can't wait until the show airs! The network bigwigs told us that it will air between now and the end of the year. That's a really large window, but Justin and I don't mind because once it airs it'll play over, and over and over again. Until then, happy guessing!

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