Thursday, March 24, 2011

Week 13: Wood Floors Are In

I think I'm on a roll...let's see how many "catch up" posts I can put up in a day? This post is going to be short and sweet, 'cause honestly I don't have much to say (yes, work on the house has been that slow, but that's another subject altogether). As the title indicates, the wood floors are in. Initially when we were starting the renovation, we considered getting ceramic tile floors (e.g: in a dark slate color which look really good!) but then we found out how much they cost (pretty pricey) and then I thought about how cold it would feel on my feet on winter mornings so I got a change of heart. Yes, I know they have heated floor systems to solve that problem, but again that would cost more money. By selecting wood floors in the kitchen, it brings a more continuous look between the kitchen and the dining room. 

This is a pic where the new wood floor and the old wood floor meet. Can you tell the difference? In this picture you probably can't, but in real life I can kinda see the difference. I figure once the cabinets are installed you won't be able to notice. 

This part of the floor is the new part.

A pic from inside of the kitchen looking out. Can you spot my darling husband's red tie? Can you see our old red door?

That's all for now, hopefully I can get another post out before the day is over! Wheeeee!!!

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