Thursday, April 21, 2011

Have a Seat

Sectionals have come a long way from the ones that I remember from my childhood. You know what I'm talking about, the ones with funky patterns--huge, heavy behemoths taking up the entire living room. Some of them, like my in-laws' sectional, have recliners, which are pretty sweet.

Anyways, when the time came to decide on what type of seating we wanted in our living room, we both agreed that we wanted a sectional (versus a couch and/or chairs). Deciding what we wanted was the easy part.  Finding a good sectional in a style that we liked and the price that we wanted would turn out to be a little bit harder.

We searched the usual mall furniture stores and big box furniture stores, and discovered that most sectionals were super expensive, starting at $3,000 and up! gross strange as it may sound, we took our sectional search to Craigslist. I know that sitting/sleeping on something that strangers have sat/layed on might creep some people out, but we got over it. Although we were on a budget, we didn't want to get a cheaply made sectional, so we bypassed all the Value City-looking furniture and sought out something other than the typical microfiber sectional.

Have you heard the story about Justin's old couch from Value City? Basically, after plopping himself on said couch, he broke the the couch frame in half! Yes, he is a husky fellow, but I would attribute the couch breaking to the poor quality in workmanship. hehehe...I digress.

After searching around we finally found a sectional we both liked. It was a little on the pricey side (for being used), but we felt that it was worth it.  The sectional came from a quality furniture store (La Difference--aka: La Diff in Richmond), and it was in good shape.  

After checking it out in person, next came moving it. We asked our former roomie for his help in transporting this sucker. Both ends of the sectional fit in the bed of his truck.  Thank God for friends with trucks!

Getting the thing in the living room was tricker than we thought.  With some careful arranging they were able to get the job done (yeah, I didn't help move it, but I guess I was there for moral support).

Once the sectional was in the living room, we realized that it was a little bigger than we thought. Well, it's back to the drawing board as we reconsider our initial furniture arrangement.

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