Saturday, April 23, 2011

Moving Day

At this point our kitchen is still not ready, it is about 80% done. However, Justin and I will be out of town the following two weekends so it was necessary for us to move in today. Everything is super dusty and our kitchen isn't usable, but the show must go on.

Here is the vehicle we used to transport our stuff. Surprisingly it was pretty easy finding a spot to park that thing.  Since we moved out of Justin's apartment last fall, this truck was full of mostly my stuff and our unopened bridal shower/wedding gifts. We also stole borrowed some furniture from my parent's place (e.g. the dining room chairs and tables in the basement). They aren't in the greatest condition but we are hoping that they are just a temporary option until we can afford a proper dining room set. 

Here's Judy and Justin sitting on our stoop (wow, we have a stoop! woohoo!) taking a much needed break.

(**Note: See the stairs leading right to the front door? Supposedly that's bad feng shui. It means that money is going right out the door. Anyone know how to remedy this because this kitchen renovation has definitely been a money pit!**)
And here is the A-Team that helped us move. Otherwise known as siblings, a neighbor, a cousin and a former roomie. I know how much people hate moving so we are totally grateful that we had so much help today!

I think the fact that we moved in half of our stuff beforehand really shortened the time it took us to move in. I think if we move out (whenever that may be) we might not be able to do a self-move, but for now, we are totally happy we have good friends and family to lend a hand!

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