Monday, April 18, 2011

Week 17: Granite Planet

Since we are on the home stretch of the kitchen renovation, the time had come to select the countertops. I'm not one for being trendy nor caring too much about countertops.  I just wanted them to look good. I didn't really care about what material they were going to be either. I really liked the look of marble, however, it is expensive and hard to take care of because it stains. Justin wasn't too keen on silestone (manufactured material) so by process of elimination, we chose granite. Our contractor sent us a couple of granite selections to choose from.

I thought this selection (while nice) looked a little too generic.

I really liked this one because it had a nice marble look to it (excuse our contractor's reflection in the slab, lol).

This one reminded me of blood in water on rocks--gruesome, huh?

This one reminded me of a candy bar, I'm getting hungry just looking at it, ha!

From the research I've found on design blogs and such, dark cabinets look best when paired with lighter colored countertops because they really brighten the space. Because I like the dark/light combo, I really liked granite sample #2.  That's what we picked but wait until you see what we ended up with... J

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