Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Our Paleo Eating for the Week: The First Week

Hi Everyone! I know I didn't post much this week, but it's because I didn't really have much to say! The weekend was chill and I've just been hard at work with my Performance Nutrition Challenge. I submitted my first week's data to my Coach, and unfortunately the numbers didn't quite match. When I put my information into the challenge spreadsheet the calorie outcome was way low. I'm not sure what caused the discrepancy, but I assure you I've been eating a lot and eating well! Here's a sample of what I've been noshing on this past week.

The first day on the challenge caught me off guard since I forgot to plan! Whoopsy! But I was able to scramble and throw some turkey slices and mushrooms in a container, along with some fruit (eaten with nuts of course!). The little packets of mustard you see in the background are key to this meal! ;)

I also made some homemade paleo banana nut muffins. I replaced the chocolate chips for nuts for obvious reasons. This particular recipe uses the perfect mix of coconut flour and almond meal. For some reason I find using only coconut flour makes things a little dry and only almond meal makes things a little greasy!  

For dinner one night I roasted an entire bag of brussel sprouts...

While Justin sauteed some onions and mushrooms...

We had this with my hubby's broiled rib eye, yum! I swear he has perfected this method and the end result is a big, juicy steak with the perfect crust!

While we were prepping the rib eyes we were also making the next night's meal. Crock pot chicken provencale:

It's what you would call a "dump" recipe in which you just dump things you have in your cupboard/fridge. (i.e.: canned tomatoes, chicken breast, chopped garlic, Italian seasoning, etc.) Here's a shot of the finished product we ate the next day. Justin had his with cannellini beans, I obviously had mine without.

The next evening Justin was in the mood for meatloaf so I looked for a paleo version of meatloaf that omitted breadcrumbs. Fast Paleo with their smokey bacon meatloaf recipe to the rescue again!

I ate it with a huge salad with vinegar and olive oil!

Look at that meatloaf! That bad boy is seriously a brick!

I'm really thankful that Justin has been open to making paleo dishes for me. And the fact the enjoys the paleo meals himself is an added bonus! It's great how giving up eating out for Lent combined with my nutrition challenge has sparked new creativity for us in the kitchen!

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