Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Justin! The 10th Anniversary of your 21st Birthday!

Last week was Justin's birthday and unlike last year's drunken debauchery we played it a little more low key this year. After all, he's turning 31...we're too old for that! LOL! Anyway, for his actual birthday we went out to dinner at The Prime Rib, a place we've been wanting to try for a while. Justin started off with the lobster bisque, which is something I usually order when it's on the menu, but alas it is not "paleo challenge" friendly. :(

So instead I ordered the tomato soup which is still tasty (and not cream based either!)

We also split the shrimp cocktail appetizer! You can't go wrong with a big, honking shrimp I say!

Then, came our entrees! Justin ordered the full cut. Man, that thing was huge! Bone-in prime reminded me of the hunk of meat that tipped over the Flintstone's car...LOL...

I on the other hand opted to get the classic, signature cut. Way smaller of course ;) Oh, by the way, the shredded white stuff on the sides of our plates isn't cheese, but shredded fresh horseradish. Neat, huh? It definitely wasn't as spicy as I thought it would be but it added a nice kick with every bite of meat.

These were my sides! Kinda wish the portion sizes were bigger...

Then the server came out with strawberries romanoff (on the house) with a candle on it. Justin was definitely surprised. Note: restaurants actually read the comments in an Open Table reservation so it pays to write down if you are celebrating a special occasion!

On Friday, we hit up Biergarden Haus on H St. to meet up our friends for a couple of drinks (I was DD, obviously!). Since it was cold outside they closed off a large part of the outdoor seating area. This caused them to strictly limit how many people could come in and out. This put a slight damper on our festivities since we had a party of over 20 people because they gave some of us a hard time getting outside to join the rest of the group. We made the best of the situation and eventually, everyone got outside but it was kind of pain to deal with in the first place.

It was nice to see all our friends, many of which we haven't seen in a while!

Overall, all I would say all of Justin's Birthday festivities were a success! We unfortunately didn't get to celebrate with my dad (since they share the same birthday!) but hopefully we'll have a belated birthday celebration in the near future!

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