Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Weekend Review: Happy Easter!

I hope everyone had a good weekend! Unfortunately, my weekend reviews are become later and later, but this time, it wasn't my fault because someone *ahem, Justin* forgot to send me the pictures on his iPhone.
Besides it being Easter, our weekend was full of running errands. We had to get the emissions test done on our new car so woke up bright and early (7am!) on Saturday to be one of the first in line. We learned our lesson when we took the FJ and we didn't want to wait 2+ hours in line again!
Afterwards, we took the boys to the French Bulldog meetup. Unfortunately, they couldn't stay too long because we had to take them to their grooming appointment shortly afterward. We usually bathe them ourselves but every other month or so we like to get them professionally groomed. They were getting really smelly!
Later that afternoon, Jill and I went to a two hour Punking/Waacking Workshop at Joy of Motion. Punking/Waacking is a dance style that originated in L.A. and is derived from disco! It's a really fun style of dance that involves at lot of sassy arm movement! You can see a clip of this style of dance here:
It has been several years since we have taken this particular class (or any dance class in general) so you can say we were definitely rusty! Despite our stumbling, we still had a lot of fun bringing out our inner diva.
Photo credit: Esperanto Bean
Sunday Justin and I went to church at St. Peter's on the Hill. Of course we didn't get there early enough so we had to stand, but this time I was prepared and I wore my comfy wedges! For brunch, instead of eating at the Four Seasons as we had originally planned, we opted to do something more paleo-friendly so we went to Chima Brazilian Barbeque in Tysons Corner. Here is a shot of my first plate. A little bit of squash salad, beet, hearts of palm, olives, prosciutto and beef carpaccio to start off with!
I, unfortunately, didn't get any pictures of the meatfest that followed, but let me tell you it was good! For dinner the meatfest continued as we went to my parents' house for a belated birthday/Easter celebration.
I, unfortunately, couldn't eat a lot of the stuff so I mostly stayed on this side of the table. More grilled meats. Barbecue FTW!

The cake and the palabok (Filipino noodle dish) were seriously tempting me...

But luckily I was able to stay on track with kim chee (fermented veggies are good for you!) barbecue short ribs, and the infamous Filipino dish, dinaguan! AKA: Filipino blood pudding, AKA: "chocolate meat." All Nutrition Challenge friendly ;)

So that was my Easter in a nutshell! I hope you did something fun on your weekend!

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