Monday, April 15, 2013

Wedding Weekend: A Review in a New York Minute

Last month, Justin and I went to New York for my friend Carmencita-Mia's (aka: Mia) wedding. We drove up on Friday, and met up with our friends Emerald and Tommy at the hotel. They came all the way from California, and it had been a while since I had seen them both.

That evening we decided to take a quick trip into Manhattan to try out Nancy's Pig Heaven.  This place had been featured on the show Rib Paradise on the Travel Channel.

We had to get the ribs of course...

And we also had the suckling pig, which was divine! Too bad they ran out of Peking duck! We really wanted to try it, but it worked out for the best considering our table was running out of space. As we were leaving, there was a band setting up.  We didn't get to catch any of their set because we had to get back to our parking garage; however, we chatted with them for a bit and they seemed like a lot of fun!

The next day, we opted to get bagels for breakfast before the wedding. Unfortunately, none of us remember the name of this place, but everything looked so good! I feel like it was called Brooklyn Bagel (and yes, we were in Queens, so go figure), but don't quote me! :) Unfortunately, I was on my paleo challenge at the time, so I couldn't partake in the bagely goodness.  Everyone got sandwiches, and each of them looked pretty good.

They also had a a ton of unique spreads, such as scallion, tiramisu, samoa cookie just to name a few...

After breakfast, we relaxed for a bit, and surprisingly Justin and I even worked out in the hotel fitness center. Unfortunately, we hit a little snag with our transportation to the church, but luckily we made it just in time!
The tables were decorated with personal pictures of the wedded couple. Below is a picture of the couple the night they first met. I feel honored to have been there upon their first meeting. The groom and I were at the bar celebrating our birthdays. :)

The flower arrangements were beautiful. Full of gorgeous flowers in various shades of orange (the bride's favorite color) and crystals galore!

Em and I with the beautiful bride!

Congrats Mia and Neil! Lots of love and happiness for your new life in Michigan!

Other things that I didn't get pictures of was our trip to Uniqlo (Japanese Gap FTW!), and our meal at Katz's Deli (delish!). I guess in the midst of all the Manhattan craziness, I forgot to snap some pics.  Oh well...

What about you? When was the last time you were in New York? Did you go for a wedding? Interestingly enough, Justin had never been to Manhattan before this trip. He had only been to the Hamptons and Brooklyn. Hopefully, we'll plan a longer trip to NYC sometime in the near future!

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