Thursday, April 4, 2013

Paleo Challenge: Halfway there, Living on a Prayer!

Hi Everyone! As my Bon Jovi inspired titled indicates I am just about halfway done with my Paleo Nutrition Challenge. It has been a challenge in every sense of the word and my patience has truly been tested these past few weeks as my weight loss has plateaued. *sad face*  Although I dropped seven pounds within the first couple weeks of the challenge, I have been at a standstill ever since. Talking with my friends and family about it has been extremely helpful. As my support system, they told me that I need to persevere and since I've made it this long (over a month without bread/starches and alcohol!), I can't stop now! They are so right!
After much contemplation. I decided to go to my work nutritionist to get some insight on how I can defeat this plateau. Since this is a free service that my company provides, I figured I had nothing to lose (no pun intended!). I made my appointment for Monday and she initially "poopoo'ed" me for being on the paleo diet. I stuck to my guns and told her this was how I ate and she laid off. I can't blame her since most nutritionists follow the traditional high carb/beans diet plan as a "model" of health. I mean honestly, oatmeal has never filled me up (unless I eat large quantities) and I'm always hungry by 11am! Anyway, I digress...After reviewing my food journal, she was still able offer me some helpful suggestions to get me out of my plateau.
1) Lay of the muffins! Yes my beloved muffins, rich in protein and coconut oil amongst other things...she suggested I limit myself to one per day. These particular ones I made over the weekend were strawberry!
2) Go easy on the Paleo sweets and treats. Therefore, my coconut cream and raspberries need to be once in a while occasion (soooo good!), not an after every dinner treat. wah wah.

3) Continue to eat fibrous vegetables, like brussel sprouts (my favorite!). Look who wants some, even though its not meat and he has no clue what it is. Go figure.  

 4) Although filled with healthy fats, limit my avocado intake to twice a week. She also suggested I limit my nut intake to one serving a day. That means, one serving of almonds or almond butter, not both! And remember measuring is key when it comes to these types of fatty goodness! A little goes a long way, so a dollop of guacamole with chili should be sufficient!

5) Stick with lean proteins like the turkey burgers pictured below. I must admit that I had been indulging on some pretty fatty cuts like sausages and corned beef!


6) No more feast or famine. Basically, that means no more overeating one day and then under eating the next. Guilty as charged. :/ I thought I was doing my body a favor by trying to "undo" the prior day's overeating, but I was actually confusing my body because I had no balance!

So there you go. Six tips to get me on the right track. I'll be sure to update you if they worked!

If you've tried losing weight in the past, what did you do to get past the plateau? I feel petite sized women (like myself!) have it the hardest! Paleo is a healthful way of eating, however, it's easy to go overboard!

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