Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The 2013 Beltrano Family Reunion and the O.C.

I know my family already shared a ton of pictures from our family reunion on Facebook, but I thought I share the few that I had on my phone...Here is my "Uncle" greeting the family reunion attendees with his opening remarks...I'd say he's kinda-like-my uncle because my dad is actually his uncle...yes, my family is huge and it's complicated like that!
My super talented cousins performing a smooth hip-hop dance routine. I love how there was a portion during the reunion for the younger generation to showcase their many talents!

Another one of my cousins doing a live performance on her guitar.

Did you know that she sang the the National Anthem at a Houston Rockets game during the NBA Playoffs? #soproud Here's the clip in case you're curious:
Here is a shot of the limited edition program of our reunion. This picture on the cover was taken at Coronado Beach at last year's reunion.

Here are the pages that my family and Justin and I put in the program, respectively.

All smiles on the Brioni front!

This must be Justin's reaction after I insulted my cousin called him and his brothers "mutes!" LOL #meangirls #thingsdrunkmesays I later apologized by saying they opened up after we got to know them ;)
All the Beltranos getting down on the dance floor! In case you didn't notice, the motif for my line of the family tree was red!

Since the reunion was in Orange County I took this as a great opportunity to visit my friends, the Chous! Here we are with the "hostess with the mostest" in Laguna Beach. It was the perfect day to go to the beach and picnic!

We also ate at Slaters 50/50 which was amazing! You have to try their signature patty with the bacon ground up in the burger! It is to die for! Here is a shot of my custom burger, with the signature bacon patty and bleu cheese. Yum!
I also tried the shaved ice dessert at Guppy House. It's so simple--just shaved ice, condensed milk and fruit (and some jellies!), but boy is it good!

In the same shopping center as Guppy House, Diamond Jamboree (aka: Asian food central!), we also made a stop at 85 Degrees for some pastries! I love that place, so tasty and affordable! You have try try their iced sea salt coffee. It's great!
That evening, while I was relaxing at the Korean Spa with Liza, Justin was partying it up with his friend Sophorn at the Wirtshaus in LA. I knew this meant trouble since Justin has a soft spot for German beer gardens.
Das boot!

A pair of boots! You can bet he was pretty tipsy!

 Gratuitous picture of Derby while we were on vacation..."Where are you guys?"
I have one more post about my family's trip to California, but I'll leave you with one last image...
A piece of golden, delicious chicken skin! A true SoCal delicacy! ;)

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